What kind of name like this!!. Actually not related with the credit, either credit for mobile, credit card, debit & credit even in the account.. and so on.
Credit2u idea has arisen after I got a problem in the facing of challenging of life from day by day. Posted in make the story, there was a time that I couldn’t forget, and the times such as getting more and more frequently appeared. Easy to say, that time is when I need a variety of information quickly and accurately, ouch … very hard broo.., in additional if there is chasing and put on fire at the back, so desperate how to get a good idea and valuable info. So, starting from that, I tried all of the information in the database to create the ID code and keyword.
Meantime I want to use this facilitate technology, so called ‘Blog’ to keep all information no matter what kind of issue, it takes for reference. Extremely nice to me and all good things for all.


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